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400 energy companies do not survive to cheap oil, according to BlackRock

29/01/2016 source “Economista” The sector of the oil companies retreated 3,5% this year in Europe, in a difficult conjunction for the sector. About 400 energy companies could not survive due to the fact that oil prices are not high enough to meet debts. The warning was made yesterday, at a meeting with investors, by Laurence…

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Exxon says oil and gas will still dominate energy in 2040

 27/01/2016 source “Gulf News” The way oil giant Exxon Mobil Corporation predicts that the global energy landscape won’t be radically different in 2040 than it is today. However, Exxon officials say their report is a dispassionate forecast, not a political document. In that report, Exxon forecasts that emerging renewable energies, such as solar and wind…

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World Economic Forum puts Mexico at the top of preferences for energy investments

26/01/2016 source “El Economista” “Mexico is high on the list of preferences of investors seeking opportunities in the electricity sector.” The statement is made by Roberto Bocca, Director of Energy Industries of the World Economic Forum, who ensures that “there are many countries that compete, but Mexico draws attention”. Roberto Bocca has extensive experience in…

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Morocco breaks wind energy prices

23/01/2016 source “HuffPost Marroc” Wind is cheaper in Morocco? As part of a panel discussion at the international conference on renewable energy held in Abu Dhabi on Saturday 16 January, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy, Abderrahim El Hafidi announced that Morocco would provide wind power with the lowest prices the world, reports…

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Petrobras lost 85,55% of its market value since 2008

21/01/2016 source “América Economia” The Brazilian state oil company Petrobras lost 85,55% of its market value since the middle of 2008 until today. According to the report of the consultancy company Economática, Petrobras – the largest company in Brazil – started to be worth 510,300 million Brazilian Reais BRL (about 126,000 million Dollars) on May…

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