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Acciona awarded the Works of the metro of Dubai

29/06/2016 source “ABC” It was awarded to the consortium formed by the French Alstom, the Spanish Acciona and Turkish Gulemark the contract to extend the metro from Dubai to the fairgrounds where will take lace the “Expo 2020”. The project is estimated at a total of 2.600 million Euros. The construction project, which has an…

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The IEA says that 66% of new energy demand will come from emerging countries

28/06/2016 source “Expansión” The study “Prospects of Energy Technology 2016”, presented yesterday by Kamal Ben Naceur, responsible of sustainability of the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that currently cities are responsible for about 70% of CO2 emissions, stating that cities in developing countries will account for two-thirds of the increase in energy demand by 2050.…

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Sweden inaugurated the first electric road of the world

23/06/2016 source “Expansión” It was inaugurated near the city of Gävle, in central Sweden, the first electric road of the world. This new road model allows trucks to operate as electric vehicles on the lanes set for this type of circulation and as regular hybrid vehicles in other lanes. Several trucks of Scania experienced this…

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Brazil defend more flexible rules of Mercosur

21/06/2016 source “Folha de São Paulo” The Interim Government of Brazil defended the relaxation of a few rules of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur). According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, José Serra, the country was too tied to the clauses of the customs union of Mercosur. In a ceremony held in São…

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Spanish Ferrovial is in talks to buy 55% of the gas project in Peru

17/06/2016 source “El Confidencial” The Spanish construction and services group Ferrovial is in negotiations to acquire 55% of the project South Peruvian Pipeline (Gasoducto Sur Peruano – GSP). The project, managed by the Brazilian group Odebrecht, is to build and operate about 1,134 kilometers a pipeline that will carry natural gas in southern Peru and…

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Central banks expectants before the results of “Brexit” in the UK

16/06/2016 source “Expansión” The world’s central banks remain expectant before the close of the voting date in the UK to leave the European Union – “Brexit, as is commonly known – and some are preparing for possible instability of the financial market. Analysts from other banks continue to predict that the British will vote to…

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Renewables continue winning the race of prices

14/06/2016 source “América Economía” The latest long-term forecast report issued by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), entitled New Energy Outlook 2016 (NEO) states that although gas and coal prices probably remain probably low, may not prevent the fundamental transformation of the global electric system in the coming decades in renewable sources such as wind or…

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