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How to properly assess the quality of a service?

24/09/2016 source “OKDiario” Unlike evaluate a product, as it is tangible, is easy because there are a number of parameters by which is possible to measure its quality, assess how a service is being done is not so easy. Assess a service implies a certain scale of subjectivity, and this reality understood differently by each…

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Central Bank of Peru says that public investment is important to the economy

23/09/2016 source “El Comercio” The President of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) of Peru, Julio Velarde, said that public investment is important to the Peruvian economy, since it has a multiplier effect of 1,5 times, in an environment where GDP slowed in recent years due the lower productivity. “Public investment becomes important to the economy.…

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Jordan, an oasis for doing business in a very instable area

22/09/2016 source “Expansión” Although it share borders with Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Israel – one of the most conflicting and unstable geographical areas of the globe – Jordan became an oasis of relative political and economic stability and intends to continue to develop an open economy abroad. The current situation and its geographic location caused…

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Petrobras cuts 25% of its investment plans

21/09/20916 source “Financiero” The Brazilian state owned oil company Petrobras said in a statement that will further reduce its investment plans – a fourth part – expecting to invest between 2017 and 2021 only 74,100 million Dollars from those 98,400 million that had been projected in the previous strategic plan for 2015-2019, representing a decrease…

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BIS report: emerging markets exposed to external shocks due to higher debt

20/09/2016 source “Financiero” In its annual report, the Bank for International Settlements (Bank for International Settlements – BIS) warned of the fact that emerging market debt issuers are exposing their currencies to greater volatility by allowing financing funds (the loans in Dollars) exceed the value of their reserves. The BIS, based in the Swiss city…

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New Law on Public Contracts shall enter into force in Angola

19/09/2016 source “Angop” The new Law on Public Procurement Angola, repealing the old Law on Public Procurement came into force last Friday, informed the Angolan Ministry of Finance. The statute seeks to defend the rationalization and reduction and control of public spending, and has the new express consecration of the simplified procurement procedure for low-value…

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Macri launches a ‘mini Davos Forum’ to attract investors

15/09/2016 source “El Español” With the economy in recession and requiring new funds to straighten up, Argentina launched an Investment and Business Forum that the rulers want to convert into a kind of “mini Davos”. “I invite you to invest and I hope that you all take part of this wonderful stage,” said the president…

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