Who are we

Our vision


The globalization of markets and, sometimes, the economic situation push the companies to expand their natural market, seeking new opportunities in emerging markets, but that contrasts in most cases with the difficulty of the lack of new markets or the way to implement in. That difficulty is increased if the implementation channels in the target markets are not known.

The idiosyncrasy of markets makes the expansion of the company more difficult and more expensive, with uncertain outcomes in some occasions.

FOCE CONSULTORA helps companies to develop and channel their efforts to obtain the intended goals.


Strategic Objective

Create a multidisciplinary group of professionals from various countries to contribute to the development of societies through their participation in projects

Specific Objectives

  • Connect companies and projects
  • Facilitate the implementation
  • Supporting the internationalization  

Methodology, consultancy development in two phases:

Step No. 1:  Diagnosis.

Set up of a methodological, conceptual and chronological framework to develop the “Strategic Plan for Departmental Development” and “Sector Action Plan”.

Phase No. 2: Consolidation process.

Consolidate the methodological, conceptual and chronological framework of the “Strategic Plan Departmental Development” and “Sector Action Plan.” 

The solution provided is intended to create a permanent and lasting value in the running and performance of the company, providing satisfaction in achieving their goals.



Our activity


FOCE is a strategic consulting firm specialized in business implementation and procurement opportunities in international markets in the geographic areas of Latin America, Africa and the Persian Gulf.

The geographic location of our headquarters in Valencia has not prevented us from giving, our professional service to our clients of all nationalities and sectors in the major emerging regions of the world economy.


Our values


We are oriented towards the business excellence, the training, the ongoing talent search, and the promotion and enhancement of our human capital; but especially to maintain the recognition and trust of our clients, and to offer a responsible and profitable business practice while maintaining a social, environmental and financial balance.

Our professional services are characterized by the global view of our client’s business plan and can cover all business areas, and by the effort used in implementing our solutions, leading to have tangible results in all our projects.

We have a strong and robust international support through which we make our clients benefit directly of multidisciplinary services with global capabilities and comprehensive attention. . Our offices in Brazil, Tangier, Addis Ababa and Bahrain are served by local teams of highly trained local professionals who know the markets in their geographical area and are connected with business and first level institutional operators.

In FOCE, we are aware that the variation of organizational priorities and the real-time access to information are some of the major changes that have redefined the way organizations do business. Therefore, our mission is to implement business solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business success.

We consider that FOCE is specialized and qualified to support, in an ideal way, our clients in this effort for his deep knowledge and expertise in strategic consulting:

  • The relevant technical and business aspects of high profile opportunities .
  • Strategic planning and implementation of investment projects.
  • Strategies to introduction into the target market, business development and streamlining of procedures.
  • The planning of major projects by the respective governments and institutions.

The development of the business model of FOCE is based solely on the professional and ethical advisement (no interest in the development of technology, infrastructure and operation), thus the unquestioned independence of our references and credentials allow us to assign a professional team without conflict of interest, nor with our clients nor our agents or operators who will be involved in this project (potential partners, organizations and public institutions, private sector, etc.).


Our team


FOCE team is led and supervised by Jesus Jimenez and Ignacio Diago, and is supported by a group of experts who bring expertise in the evaluation and implementation of projects and support our local teams in each territory.


GV. Marqués del Turia, 54, 4º pta 8

46005 Valencia, Spain

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E-mail: info@foceconsultora.com


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