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Ten reasons to invest in Uruguay

  Strong democratic tradition, with social and political stability Continued economic growth and investment despite global slump. Attractive free zone, free port and free airport regimes, and broad      investment-related tax exemptions. Access to MERCOSUR, a US$2,5-trillion-GDP free trade zone that also      includes Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Excellent labor value for money in the…

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Tips for enforceable Arbitration clauses in International Energy Contracts

International Energy Contracts Need Enforceable Arbitration Agreements If the premise that international energy contracts should include enforceable, effective arbitration agreements is not yet axiomatic, it is at least widely accepted. More importantly, it is true. If arbitration did not already exist as an alternative to local court systems, it would have had to be invented…

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Employment Law in Perú

The numerous multi-national employers who do business in Peru, or are planning to do so, should be aware not only of the protections afforded employees in Peru, but of the restrictions that exist regarding employing workers from outside of the country. Many of the rights of employees are found in Peru’s New Labour Procedure Law,…

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Exploring opportunities in Brazil

Why Brazil? Brazil, with a GDP of over half of the South America´s one and a population of 191 million people, its actually living a historic moment. In the last ten years Brazil’s has consolidated a solid economy that combines a GDP´s sustainable growth and the fastest social improvement evolution in Brazil’s history. As the…

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