Infrastructures determine the success of urban and agricultural activities. The urban infrastructure supports the development and operation of other activities, and is essential in the structural organization of cities. The rural infrastructure favors, in turn, the production and development of agricultural activity. The investments made in water, sanitation, energy, housing and transportation improves the quality of life and helps to reduce poverty. In addition, the new information technologies and communications promote growth, improves service deliveries, expand the reach of education and support social and cultural advances.

The word infrastructure is associated instinctively to public work, once that is the State, depending on the utility and implementation costs, the entity in charge of its construction and maintenance. 

There are several types of infrastructures:


• Housing.
• Trade.
• Industry.
• Services (i.e.: courts, government offices, museums, etc.).
• Health (i.e.: hospitals and health centers).
• Education (i.e.: colleges, schools and universities).
• Leisure (i.e.: parks and gardens).


• Roads (i.e.: roads, streets, railroads, bridges).
• Maritime (i.e.: canals and harbors).
• Aerial (i.e.: airfields and airports). 


• Networks of electricity (i.e.: high, medium and low voltage, processing, distribution, public lighting).
• Networks of heat distribution (i.e.: district heating).
• Networks of fuels (i.e.: gas pipelines, distribution).
• Other sources of energy (i.e.; wind, thermal, nuclear, dams).


• Networks of drinking water (i.e.: reservoirs, storage, processing, distribution).
• Sewage networks (i.e.: sewers, sewage system, treatment plants).
• Networks of recycling (i.e.: waste collection, landfills, incinerators). 


• Networks of landline phone.
• Television networks.
• Repeaters signal.
• Optical fiber.
• Networks of mobile phone


• Irrigation.
• Storage.
• Rural Electrification.
• Manufactures.
• Transportation (land, river and sea, and air) .


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