The investment in oil is one of the most profitable, but at the same time, one of which entails more risk. It is important to remember that oil is one of the most common worldwide fuel sources – most of the primary energy consumed in the world comes from oil – and still has no rival. Furthermore, reaches us every day under a wide variety of forms; it enables the production of fuels for transportation and industrial sectors and is a raw material of a large quantity of products such as tissues, plastic objects, medicines, etc.. However, the oil price is very volatile and is governed by supply and demand, being directly influenced by external factors.

The options to invest in this sector are varied. According to the purpose and interest of our clients, we seek for business opportunities near different companies, both those that provide exploration (drilling), production and refinery services and the transportation companies, Pipeline (pipeline), Shipping and land transport via tank-cars.

Foce Consultora seeks to establish alliances for the oil contracts, conducting economic evaluations and attractive systems to investors in which are mentioned the benefits, the characteristics of each well, the production levels and the prices.


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