It’s remarkable the importance of the sport in the economy. This importance arises not only due to the quantity of people that makes sport in its many different forms, but also by the quantity of people who enjoy it as a spectacle of masses. These two aspects, together or separately, contribute greatly, directly and indirectly, to the economic development of the various sectors. This direct influence is manifested in trade, industries that manufacture equipment and objects and material needed for the various sports, or in the construction area, once there is need to build stadiums, pavilions and other places for sport; and manifests itself indirectly through businesses that sponsor sportsmen and finance the agents, the media, royalties, marketing and advertising and even tourism. 

Anticipating itself to the most important sporting events in the world and the business and investment opportunities that they bring on, our company provides contacts and builds beneficial alliances between leading enterprises. 

Foce Consultora also offers a range of legal and tax advisory services regarding sport and leisure. Based on our deep knowledge of the sector, we provide specialized services to sportsmen, agents and representatives, sports clubs and organizations, sports federations and associations and the various entities operating in the sports and leisure sectors. 


Sportsmen and artists: 

  • Commercial: exploitation of image rights of sportsmen, sportsmen’s contracts, con sports brands, agents, representatives, artist’s contracts.
  • Taxes and taxation: study and definition of the most appropriate and efficient tax structure; equity, tax residence, IRPF and IRNR declarations, inspections, appeals, exploitation of image rights.
  • Work: extinction and termination of contracts, disciplinary procedures.
  • Procedure: litigation against interference with private life or honor, abuse of the image rights, arbitrations, CAS / TAS.
  • Real estate investments: investment contracts. 


Sports and leisure entities/Media: 

  • Sports clubs: contracts, tenders, industrial and intellectual property and brand protection, fiscal and tax advice, litigation, arbitration and conflict of jurisdiction. 
  • Professional sports associations and federations: fiscal and tax advice, salaries, sponsorship contracts, financing, intellectual property, conflicts of jurisdiction. 
  • Institutions, organizations and sporting structures: industrial and intellectual property advisory services to national and international entities.
  • Investment funds: analyzes, studies and assessments for national and international structures. 
  • Leisure and Media: tax incentives and investments, brand protection, exploitation of image rights, merchandising, data protection, protection against piracy, judicial and arbitration procedures.

Major events 

  • Draftingand negotiating contractsand warranties;
  • Contracts withsponsors.
  • Protectionand defense ofthe event brands;
  • Studies and analyzes and reports.
  • Request fortax incentives. 


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